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        General Comparison

        General Comparison Table of COD to Conventional Duct
        Category Conventional P.V.C. Duct C.O.D. (Corrugated Optic Duct)
        - PVC: vulnerable to impaction damage

        - Disconnection: Possibility of dis-connection of connected points of outer duct due to ground compressive load.

        - Thermal expansion & contraction during the installation period and in service
        - Stand good against impaction damage and no damage risk from freezing temperature.

        - Strong Concavo-convex shape provides good strength and stays same shape against ground compressive load.

        - Stays stable from thermal expansion & contraction of duct during or after installation
        Installation - Many individual connections: maximum length is 6 meters.

        - To construct manhole to diverse direction of the line.

        - Complicated installation work as the insertion of inner ducts is in the second stage after the installation of outer duct.

        - Causes traffic troubles (jamming) in case of urban installation.

        - Inner duct may twist in the course of insertion.

        - Maximum number of inner duct is limited to 3 ducts.
        - No duct connections in-between two manholes up to 500 meters or more.

        - Single installation process: No need to go through complicated inner duct insertion process owing to readily built-in both outer and inner ducts.

        - To by-pass minor hurdles and skips un-necessary construction of manhole to diverse direction of line within the radiation of curbing angle.

        - Increase of duct efficiency by increase of numbers of inner ducts to be inserted up to 5 ducts at approx. same price.

        - Light weight allows easy handling and transportation.
        Economy - High construction cost. - Economic construction cost and time saving