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quick comparison

Quick comparison

General Comparison of COD with Conventional Ducting System
Description of comparison C.O.D. Conventional Method
Outer Duct Inner ducts Outer Duct Inner ducts
Raw material H.D.P.E H.D.P.E P.V.C. H.D.P.E
Length No limit No limit 6 meters(At maximum) No limit
(Up to 500m or 1,000m)
Connection No need
(saves materials and accessories)
In every 6 m
Insertion of inner ducts No need To insert
Intermediate Manhole No need to build To build in turning point
Horizontal alignment
of inner duct
Straight Straight Straight Straight
Saves optic cable about 3 to 5%  
Trench Dimension
(28mm inner ducts in
112mm outer duct)
(No need man-working space:
vertical cut)
Up to 5 inner ducts
0.3m(W) x 0.6m(H)
(Slope cut to secure man-working space)
3 inner ducts only
0.5m(W) x 0.81m(H)
Trench Bedding Rough bedding
(passes over/by hurdles)
Fine bedding