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        Corrugated Flexible Pipe

        The development of modern industries and the overconcentration of cities is increasing demand for enhancing safety, securing more space and achieving finer views in urban areas, industrial areas and areas next to the roads, which is causing the trend of laying wires and communication cables underground.

        Previously all the underground conduits used hume pipe, steel pipe or PVC pipe but these conduit line were all direct tubes. In addition, the pipe lengths are short requiring many connections and they are heavy which meant it has disadvantage of difficulty in building as well as extra cost in construction cost due to labor shortages and loss resulting from delay of working terms.

        What solved all the mentioned difficulties was F.E.P. underground pipe.
        F.E.P was treated with unique spiral wave and hence overcame weakness of surface strength in the previous polyethylene pipe and the strength was few times higher and had appropriate level of pliability making it efficient in construction.
        F.E.P, being flexibility, strong and ease to operate with, it was introduced as the replacement to the previous pipe and have achieved great sales results in advanced countries. Having an outstanding ease of operation and surprisingly cost effectiveness, it will meet all clients' requirements and more.