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        Message from ceo

        Message from ceo

        Dear potential clients,
        OptiRoad Inc is a young and passionate, emerging company established in the year 2000. We OptiRoad aim to lead the industry of the ducting system and provide a better option to protect the cables by replacing conventional ducts with our product, the COD, a newly innovated flexible and strong duct. Our ducts provide a safe and resistant protection to power cables, fiber optic cables, and metallic cables.

        We are actively present in over 30 countries supplying our ducts around the globe. Our main business partners are Telecommunication Companies, Electrical Power Companies, Oil and Gas Companies, Motorway, Railway, Turnkey contractors, Construction companies, etc.

        Our ducts provide a wide range of benefits in all aspects: 1. Much quicker installation of telecommunication and electrical infrastructure; 2. Saving installation costs; 3. Saving maintenance cost. As a result, it provides a more continuous power and optic transmission without disturbances as less re-installations of the duct are to be performed.

        We are privileged to announced that we successfully signed the Technical License Agreement for South Africa, Japan, Taiwan, China, Saudi Arabia, and Kazakhstan and working to find other potential partners continuously.

        We OptiRoad work on the basis of quality over price. However, we also understand that a competitive price is key for the survival in the fierce pricing competition. In order to fully accomplish both quality and price competition we offer our clients our technology and knowhow share so that they may produce COD locally and thus, provide a much faster delivery, with a competitive price maximizing both price/quality of our ducts.

        Our ducts will lead a new era of ducting system, benefitting the seller, the buyer and the user.

        Our optimal GOAL is to provide a MUCH FASTER, STRONGER, SAFER, AND ECONOMIC benefits to all our customers all around the World. 
        Will not cease to stop until we accomplish our goals.

        Thank you for your kind attention. Kyung Ro LEE, CEO