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        Message from ceo

        Message from ceo

        Dear potential clients,
        We, OptiRoad Inc., as patent holder over 90 countries globally, is a young and vigorously emerging company established in July 2000 aiming at the leading industry in production of cable protection duct replacing the conventional ducts by COD, a newly innovated multi-functional protection duct of not only optic fiber cable but also copper cable.

        In order to save transportation cost of bulky duct, we offer patent licensing to produce and sell in each country for the benefit of our potential clients.

        Being encouraged by a supply contract to a project of US Department of Defence and the specified duct for the backbone network project of 'Border to Border project of Costa Rican Telecom, we have recently reshuffled our management establishing a factory owing to financial support by majority shareholder.

        We wish you to share the benefits of our technologies that would contribute to the quick installation of telecommunication infrastructure as well as saving installation cost benefiting the early access to the information highway, the Internet Network. We are proud of announcing that we have successfully signed Technical License Agreements for the territories of Japan, Taiwan, China, and South Africa including 10 neighboring countries in the Southern Region and the GCC Countries including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. Business Talks on licensing with numbers of prominent companies worldwide are under progress. We would like to take this opportunity to recommend you to apply our product in the relevant sectors in your country not only to speed up early installation of telecommunication networks but also to minimize cost but maximizing the quality as well as durability.
        Thank you for your kind attention. Kyung Ro LEE, CEO