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Welcome to our Homepage!
We welcome you to our homepage. OptiRoad Inc. is an emerging company being established in July 2000 in order to manufacture and sell Corrugated Optic Cable Duct(COD) (manufactured under two patent technologies) and licensing our technologies to pertinent offshore candidates for the manufacture and sell in the contracted territory.

Our products(COD) has been awarded the "Certificate of Excellent Material" from the ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy of Korea. Such various clients as Korea Telecom Corp., Power Communication Corp., Thrunet Company Limited, Korea National Highway Construction Corp., Railroad Authority and etc. have been applying our COD since July 2000 in appreciation for the easy installation, saving installation time and expanded durability.

Since beginning 2003, the Korean Military Project has been appling COD for the communication and data transmission network. Specific Military Specifications were prepared an integrated single duct system of COD consisting of one(1) big cable duct for copper cable and two(2) fiber optic ducts for data transmission and internet.

US naval base in Korea also has installed our COD in its compound, and in July and August 2003, General Dynamics of USA has procured of COD through our US distributor for the quantities of 110,000 feet for a US Department of Defense Project, where our COD has greatly contributed to early installation as they aimed at.

We are proud of that our innovative renovated new technologies of Cable ducting system will considerably contribute to the development and construction of new telecommunication infrastructure network system, the main artery of information provider, in any part of the world with benefits of not only the great saving of construction cost and period but also lifetime of service as well as reducing traffic trouble during the course of construction.

We hope your would enjoy tour throughout our home and learn the benefits that our technology or product offers. You may check the possibility of potential application of our product for your demand and the feasibility of mutual business in connection with License Agreement to produce COD in your territory.