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2016 - Signed J/V MOU with Mobicom,DPS in Iran
2015 - Approved by UK Motorway
2014 - Awarded " Khatam telecom expansion project,700km" in Iran
- Awarded " Pan Asian Highway,Hanoi – Haipong,250Km" in Vietnam
2013 - Established J/V company in Nigeria "Iteco Nigeria"
2010 - Signed license agreement with Neproplast in Saudi Arabia
2008 - Approval by PT Indonesia TELKOM.
2007 - Approval by ICE(Costa Rica Telecom)
- Approval by Saudi Arabia Telecom
2006 - Awarded 'Border to Border Project' for the supply of 670,000meters to Costa Rica Telecom through Israel Telecom, the main contractor.
- Additional order for 200,000meters are awarded.
2004 - Additional installation of COD production Lines(2nd order) of 1 Inner Duct and 1 COD production lines for South African Licensee.
2004 ~ 2003 - Supply and installation of 1 Inner Duct Production Line to South African
- Licensee to produce the awarded contract from SA Telecom.
2004 - Supply of COD for a US Defense Project (Total: 110,000 feet)
2003 - Supply of COD for US Defense Project(70,000 feet) Main Contractor: General Dynamics
2002~2001 - Filed National and Regional Patent over 94 Countries
2001 - Awarded "the Certificate of Excellent Material" from Ministry of commerce, Industry & Energy of Korea
- PCT approved Novelty with the patent application in the International Preliminary Examination Report(IPER).
2001 - Signed License Agreement with AFT OptiRoad Inc. for the Territory of the Republic of South Africa with 10 Countries in the sub-sahara Region.
2001 - Signed Technical License Agreement with Char Feng Corp. for the Territory of the People's Republic of China.
2001 - Signed License Agreement with Char Feng Corp. for the Territory of the Republic of China(Taiwan).
- Awarded Order of Silver Industrial Merits from the President of Korea.
- Awarded "the Greatest Inventor of the Year" from the Patent Office of Korea.
2001 - Signed License Agreement with Optiroad Japan Ltd. for the territory of Japan.
2000 - Signed License Agreement with COD Inc. for Canadian Territory
2000 - Establishment of OptiRoad Inc.
- For International Marketing; and Licensing to offshore territories
2000 - Started domestic supply.
- Applications for International Patent (2 patent applications).
2000 - COD is successfully commercialized through trial Production
- Registered with various Clients, and commercial production commenced.