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        Optiroad's single layer and multi layer pipe machine is built on our finest touch, Pipe producers are mainly focused in satisfying the intended strength and measurement.
        To satisfy these requirements, Optiroad has the skills to construct the proper die and sizing unit . We guarantee you that we produce out parts through accurate and cared construction. Through stable haul-off speed and extrusion control, we come up with the merchandise that hardly has any alteraions in thickness and intermal and ecternal diameter.
        General information
        • Applicable uses : Water, Gas, Sewage, Drainage, Telecom cable duct etc
        • Resin : HDPE, PP , Silicon etc
        • PIPE Dia : 630mm(PE pipe) ~ 1500mm(Sewage pipe)
        • Gasket : EPDM Rubber
        • Application : COD, Corrugate flexible pipe, Water supply pipe, Gas pipe
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