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        Features of COD

        Demand for the underground installations of power cable and telecommunication cable are increasing tendency to secure safety and space as well as beautification in rural, industrial and residential area according to the modern industrial and municipality congestion.

        The conventional underground cable being applied have been Hume pipe, Steel pipe And PVC pipe, that are straight, heavy and being caused lots of disadvantages in work sites, as such materials required numerous connections couplings due to short length of ducts (Max. 6 meter/PVC). In addition, it has been causing increase of project cost and troubles due to long period of installation time. COD has successfully solved all such difficulties and disadvantages.

        COD is product of specific spiral formed, which solved the vulnerability of compressive load of conventional straight PE pipe to be several times stronger than that of conventional pipes, increasing the efficiency and flexibility. COD promises to meet the requirement of end users with its considerable profitability, endurance and economy.

        1. Better Flexibility
        Owing to spiral forming of product, COD is easy to bend without special bending efforts, and easy to by-pass or over pass hurdles along with the duct line.

        2. Lengthy pipe
        Owing to lengthy and coiled on drum, it reduces considerable labor cost as well as working period to install by waving numerous connections in between two manholes but one time installation. On top of it, COD never require inserting of inner duct into outer duct owing to built-in production of multiple inner ducts.

        3. Lighter in weight
        Owing to the lighter gravity (0.95:1.43), COD is considerably lighter, which offers benefit in handling in the work site and transport-ation compare to the conventional duct.

        4. Stronger
        Owing to the readily built-in multiples numbers of inner ducts perfectly without any loose space inside of spiral outer duct, COD offers considerable advantage in terms of compressive load.

        5. Safety
        COD stands safe in Earthquake and Land Subsidence owing to its strong compressive load and flexibility.

        6. Better resistance against chemicals and better endurance:
        COD lasts semi-permanently owing to resistance against chemicals and corrosion free from salt water or wetland.

        7. Easy insertion of copper & optic fiber cables
        COD facilitate easy insertion of cables up to the maximum-coiled length owing to perfect alignment of inner ducts and less friction, as it has no connections. In addition, it enables to extend the manhole distance.

        On top of it, COD enables to insert cable up to 75% of inner diameter of inner duct, while conventional duct allows only 50% of it.

        8. High Reliability
        COD is non-conductive of electricity, and therefore, it is ideal to apply for power cable duct.

        9. Cost Efficiency
        In consideration of all advantages and efficiency, COD offers cost efficiency throughout all consecutive work stages and endurance.



        Line Connector - For the Air Blowing Installation Fitting
        Raw Materials Outer duct fixing cover : EPDM RUBBER
        Bolt/nut/washer ; Galvanized or SUS
        Inner socket : PCRaw

        Various Manhole Connector
        • Body : ABS
        • Cap : PP(PP 90% + PE 10%)
        • Fixing cover : PP
        • Gasket : EPDM RUBBER
        • Application : COD 28500
        SCREW TYPE
        • Body : ABS
        • Gasket : SWELLABLE LAYER
        • Application : COD 28500,32400,36300
        • Body : HDPE
        • Cap : EPDM RUBBER
        • Band : Stainless steel
        • Application : MICRO COD
        • Used for Manhole or Line connection

        Coupler Set

        Connecting Tool - for the connecting

        Pulling Tool
        REEL STAY

        Cutting Tool(Inner duct)
        NO Tool Box List Q'ty
        1 Handy Saw 1 ea
        2 Belt Wrench 2 ea
        3 Rasp 1 ea
        4 Socket Wrench 1 ea
        5 Spanner 2 ea
        6 Pruning Shears 1 ea
        8 Tool Box 1 ea

        Airblowing Machinery


        Dimension and shipping info

        Standard COD
        Name of Model Duct Sub duct
        Standard Code No. O.D
        No. Sub
        28mm x 3 lines 283000 90.0 33.0 2.5 28.0 3
        28mm x 4 lines 284000 100.0 33.0 2.5 28.0 4
        32mm x 3 lines 323000 38.0 3.0 32.0 3
        36mm x 3 lines 363000 110.0 42.0 3.0 36.0 3
        32mm x 4 lines 324000 38.0 3.0 32.0 4
        28mm x 5 lines 285000 33.0 2.5 28.0 5
        36mm x 4 lines 364000 120.0 42.0 3.0 36.0 4
        50mm x 3 lines 503000 160.0 59.0 4.0 50.0 3
        Duct O.D : ± 4.0 mmSub Duct O.D : ± 2.0 mm
        Duct THK : ± 1.0 mmSub Duct THK : ± 1.0 mm
        Duct I.D : ± 2.0 mmSub Duct I.D : + 2.0 mm

        Micro COD
        3.5mm 14 lines 43.0 7.0 3.5 1.5 1500
        10mm 7 lines 43.0 12.0 10.0 1.0 1500
        12mm 4 lines 43.0 14.0 12.0 1.0 1500
        3.5mm 24 lines 53.0 7.0 3.5 1.5 1500
        8.0mm 19 lines 53.0 10.0 8.0 1.0 1500
        10mm 7 lines 53.0 14.0 10.0 2.0 1500
        12mm 7 lines 53.0 14.0 12.0 1.0 1500
        10mm 19 lines 77.0 14.0 10.0 2.0 1000

        Why should be COD

        Why should be COD

        As you already browsed finding lots of benefits of our innovative products, COD, as well as the potential applications of our COD, we are confident that you would feel that it could meet your entire requirement to your satisfaction.
        You can compare COD, the innovated technology, to the conventional PVC ducting system being applied in many job sites in your area,

        Firstly Both inner ducts and outer duct of COD are made of HDPE with the same raw material, which is distinctive physical.
        Characteristics compare to the conventional PVC ducting system being two different raw materials (PVC for outer duct and PE for inner ducts). Owing to the high density but light, and stronger compressive load (+292kgf/㎠) than that of conventional ducting system, it also provides much less restrictions in installation specifications.

        Secondly The length of COD may vary to meet customer's requirement even up to 1,000 meters depending on the model of COD. It enables installation in-between two manholes without any connection but in a single piece. In addition, the flexibility of COD allows to pass-by or over-pass hurdles along trench without any special bending like PVC ducting system.

        Thirdly Owing to a single laying of COD without connection, there's no risk of air or water leakage at all. Even connection is being required, the perfect coupling system provide perfect waterproofing and air sealing.

        Finally The innovative product of COD declares no insertion of inner ducts are required at all as they are readily built-in.

        Depending on country, labor cost of the inserting inner ducts may cost higher than material cost of both outer duct and inner ducts.

        One of the candid merits out of COD is the inner ducts are perfectly aligned as straight as outer duct without allowing any tangle or twist inside of outer duct, which allows easy insertion of cable even without pre-lubrication or silicon coating inside of inner ducts. Such a straight line-up may save as much as 5% of expensive fiber optic cable.