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Features of COD

Demand for the underground installations of power cable and telecommunication cable are increasing tendency to secure safety and space as well as beautification in rural, industrial and residential area according to the modern industrial and municipality congestion.

The conventional underground cable being applied have been Hume pipe, Steel pipe And PVC pipe, that are straight, heavy and being caused lots of disadvantages in work sites, as such materials required numerous connections couplings due to short length of ducts (Max. 6 meter/PVC). In addition, it has been causing increase of project cost and troubles due to long period of installation time. COD has successfully solved all such difficulties and disadvantages.

COD is product of specific spiral formed, which solved the vulnerability of compressive load of conventional straight PE pipe to be several times stronger than that of conventional pipes, increasing the efficiency and flexibility. COD promises to meet the requirement of end users with its considerable profitability, endurance and economy.

1. Better Flexibility
Owing to spiral forming of product, COD is easy to bend without special bending efforts, and easy to by-pass or over pass hurdles along with the duct line.

2. Lengthy pipe
Owing to lengthy and coiled on drum, it reduces considerable labor cost as well as working period to install by waving numerous connections in between two manholes but one time installation. On top of it, COD never require inserting of inner duct into outer duct owing to built-in production of multiple inner ducts.

3. Lighter in weight
Owing to the lighter gravity (0.95:1.43), COD is considerably lighter, which offers benefit in handling in the work site and transport-ation compare to the conventional duct.

4. Stronger
Owing to the readily built-in multiples numbers of inner ducts perfectly without any loose space inside of spiral outer duct, COD offers considerable advantage in terms of compressive load.

5. Safety
COD stands safe in Earthquake and Land Subsidence owing to its strong compressive load and flexibility.

6. Better resistance against chemicals and better endurance:
COD lasts semi-permanently owing to resistance against chemicals and corrosion free from salt water or wetland.

7. Easy insertion of copper & optic fiber cables
COD facilitate easy insertion of cables up to the maximum-coiled length owing to perfect alignment of inner ducts and less friction, as it has no connections. In addition, it enables to extend the manhole distance.

On top of it, COD enables to insert cable up to 75% of inner diameter of inner duct, while conventional duct allows only 50% of it.

8. High Reliability
COD is non-conductive of electricity, and therefore, it is ideal to apply for power cable duct.

9. Cost Efficiency
In consideration of all advantages and efficiency, COD offers cost efficiency throughout all consecutive work stages and endurance.