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        by works stages

        Benefits COD by working stages

        Benefits of COD by Working Stages

        • 1. Preparation Stage:
          • a.
            Application of COD reduces volume of excavation by reducing width of trench, as no individual piece-by-piece duct connection works in the trench are required. In addition, it reduces working space at job site as well as transportation.
          • b.
            Application of COD reduces damaging risk of existing underground infrastructures by reducing trench dimensions.
          • c.
            Application of COD reduces disposal of excavated soil owing to less excavation.
          • d.
            No fine leveling work of trench bed is necessarily required but rough leveling.
          • e.
            No sand padding on trench bed is necessarily required owing to high flexibility and Compressive Load (292kgs/㎠).
        • 2. Installation Stage: Application of COD offers the following advantages.
          • a.
            No piece-by-piece individual connection works in the trench are required, coupling works may be done on the ground if required.
          • b.
            Great saving of construction period.
          • c.
            Great saving of traffic troubles.
          • d.
            Absolutely no inner duct insertion process is required.
          • e.
            Keeps job site clean from bundles of mobilized materials.
          • f.
            No dual mobilizations of materials are required.
        • 3. Finishing Stage: Application of COD offers the following advantages.
          • a.
            No risk of damaging the installed duct by compaction or heavy traffic above the trench after completion owing to good Compressive Load of COD.
          • b.
            Quick removal of temporary site facilities or mobilized materials from job site (COD reel may be released as mounted on trailer or truck).
        • 4. Maintenance Stage: Application of COD offers the following dvantages. The following features of COD enables to save maintenance cost upon completion of installation.
          • a.
            Free from water or humidity infiltration.
          • b.
            Better fire resistance compare to the conventional PVC duct system.
          • c.
            Better Compressive Load (approx. 3 times of PVC).
          • d.
            Easy insertion & replacement of cables owing to absolutely no twisting risk but perfect alignment of the inner ducts owing to welded & built-in single body.


        Bnefits COD offers

        Specific Benefits COD Offers

        • a. Quick and economic installation by saving labor and materials. COD laying in-between two manholes may be done by single laying operation regardless of built-in multiple numbers of inner ducts and length in-between two manholes.
        • b. Saving working period considerably.
        • c. Saving Fiber Optic Cable owing to perfect alignment of inner duct straight, while insertion of inner duct through installed PVC ducting system may cause twist consuming more length of Fiber Optic Cable.
        • d. Ø111mm of COD is readily built-in of 5 inner ducts of Ø28mm, while the conventional PVC ducting system is limited to only three (3) inner ducts in the equivalent diameters: potentially saves cost greatly (approx. 170% of capacity efficiency).
        • e. Reducing excavation quantities, as the required trench width is being required much less than that of the conventional method (less than 60% of conventional system).
        • f. Less traffic troubles at job site and its adjacent area in appreciation of:
          • 1)
            Considerably less working period in comparison to the conventional method.
          • 2)
            Not many materials required to be mobilized and stored at job site, but transported in reels keeping job site clean and neat.
          • 3)
            Less transportation requirement for the disposal of removed materials owing to the reduced excavation quantities; and
          • 4)
            Less transportation requirement for sand transportation to job site for padding at the excavated trench bed and above the laid duct.
          • 5)
            No inner ducts mobilization after installation of Outer Duct is required.
        • g. Normal operation allows single laying up to 500 meters, while special operation with special design of COD trailer allows as much as over 1,600 meters in single laying operation. Which saves both coupling or connection materials and labors greatly.
        • h. Moving of COD roll in the job site and easy installation thereof by means of releasing COD from reel are with least manpower owing to the benefit of light-weight and smooth releasing.
        • i. The maximum diameter of Fiber Optic Cable to insert into the inner duct is as much as 80% of Inner Duct diameter while conventional PVC can only house up to 50% at maximum (efficiency: 160%).
        • j. No need to construct additional manholes at the curving points, while the conventional products need either such constructions or special bending.
        • k. Pre-lubrication or Silicon coating: COD does not necessarily need neither pre-lubrication nor Silicon coating inside of inner duct to facilitate easy insertion of cables owning to perfect alignment of inner ducts. However, should clients require such Silicon Coating, we are ready to manufacture and supply our product as requested by any client.
        • l. Models: Various models of COD are available depending on requirements for numbers and diameters of inner-ducts. Customer designed combination of inner ducts as well as dimension is acceptable.
        • m. Color scheme of inner-ducts: Customer-designed colors are acceptable. The available Colors of ready-made products are blue, green, yellow, white, scarlet, purple and black.
        • n. Insertion of Cable into the installed duct: Air Jetting method (Super Jet) will insert the cables into the installed ducts regardless of the intervals of manholes.
        • o. Thermal expansion & contraction: Thermal expansion and contraction of outer ducts are comparatively lower than that of conventional ducting system, and stay at the same rate owing to the equivalent raw materials of both inner and outer ducts.
        • p. COD maintains good flexibility allowing arc bending manually up to 90 degree or more at the even angle, and does not require any particular tools for bending or straightening.

        Tailor made

        Tailor made for your needs

        We are ready to meet client need for:

        1Tailored specifications (wall thickness & dimension of Inner Duct as well as Outer Duct).

        2Tailored number of inner ducts up to 5 tubes to be integrated into outer duct.

        3Tailored coiling length in a reel up to the limit of loadable in the designated type of container.

        4Optional Stabilizer of UV protection, Color fading prevention & Anti-oxidation stabilizer.

        5Tailored Color of the product.

        6Delivery for the large quantity by 3-shift operations throughout the year and in association with our LICENSEES (3 in Korea, 6 in other countries at the moment).


        Comparison of Working Flow
        Previous Installation System(PVC Duct System)
        Practical Using of Inner Space
        COD PVC + COD sub duct system
        Duct O.D (mm) Sub duct I.D (mm) No. of sub duct (Lines) Duct O.D (mm) Sub duct I.D (mm) No. of sub duct (Lines)
        100.0 28.0 4 114.0 28 / 36 2 / 1 (3)
        32.0 3
        110.0 36.0 3
        32.0 4
        28.0 5
        28 4
        120.0 36.0 4
        160.0 50.0 3
        Practical Using of Inner Space
        Connecting point (500~600m length manhole to manhole)
        COD PVC + COD system
        No need to connect 84~100 points (every 6m)
        Connecting point (2000m length manhole to manhole)
        COD PVC + COD system
        4 points 334 points (every 6m)
        Max. O.D of Optic Fiber Cable
        • The maximum diameter of Fiber Optic Cable to insert into the sub duct is as much as 80% of sub duct diameter while conventional PVC can only house up to 50% at maximum
        • Efficiency : 160%
        • Usable Fiber Optic Cable Outside Diameter
        (Unit : mm)
        28 32 36 50
        COD 22.4 25.6 28.8 40
        PVC+COD system 14 - 18 -
        Excavation Quantities
        • As the required trench width is being required much less than that of the conventional method.
        • Less than 60% of conventional system
        Damage from Earth quake
        The Case of KOBE, JAPAN Earth quake
        The date of occurrence : JAN. 17 1995 (7.2 Richter Scale)
        The Extent of Damage
        - Casualties : Death 6,432 / Injury 40,000
        -Property : ¥ 9,000 Billion ($ 69 Billion)
        Final Conclusion
        COD PVC + COD system
        Working Flow Steps 3 steps 5 steps
        No. of Sub Duct Various Types Max. 3 ∼ 4 lines
        Connecting Point No need Between Manhole and Manhole Every 6m
        Max. Cable O.D to be inserted into sub duct
        (Cable O.D / Sub duct I.D)
        80 / 100 50 / 100
        % of damage from Earth quake 0% Over 90%
        Excavating depth Below 60% 100%